USD/JPY Forecast, Japanese Yen Analysis, News

In this section, we offer forecasts of the Dollar/Yen currency pair for today, tomorrow, and every day. In this section USD/JPY Forecast, Japanese Yen Analysis, News you will find technical analysis of USD/JPY. Also, our traders publish trading signals and recommendations, the main news for tomorrow. As a rule, at the end of the trading week the forecast of USD/JPY Weekly Forecast is published.

USD/JPY (US Dollar to Japanese Yen) Technical Analysis

Currency pair Dollar Yen is the third most popular Forex trading pair. The pair loves trends and trend strategies work best here. The Japanese Yen is governed by the Bank of Japan. This bank is characterized by currency interventions. Bank meetings have a huge impact on the Japanese Yen against the US Dollar, so it is important to follow the news. Technical analysis of USD/JPY has its own characteristics. Our traders use simple technical analysis tools when working with a pair.