FOREX Forecasts, Analysis & Daily market News

In this section of our site we publish a daily analysis of the forex market. As a rule, any trader gets into a situation where it is necessary to know the opinion of professional traders on the market situation. That is why every day we publish the latest materials FOREX Forecasts. We publish reviews of the major currency pairs as well as gold and silver, and we never forget to publish oil analysis.

Forex Forecasts today & tomorrow

In addition to trade ideas for tomorrow, any of the presented FOREX analysis can also be used at the moment. Presented analytic at today is not losing relevance at the time of publication. And even the next day, our reviews are still valid. Except near the critical level in the market penetration which may lead to the cancellation of options.

Any of the reviews submitted by traders and investors can use for intraday trading. The author tries to highlight the most interesting moment and show horizons to exit the market with a loss or levels where to take profits on positions.